Fresh Vegetables

"Mom, why do we need these?"


If you like vegetables, you already have a lot of these in your pantry.  

But, if you're like me (Linda Fazio) and really don't like vegetables,  you're asking,

"Do we have to?"


The answer is: "YES!!!"


With "essential vegetables" in your pantry, you can fill an appetizer platter, 

make soups, make a quick stir-fry, have an all-in one baked dinner, 

add flavor to dips, salads, burgers, etc.  If you're extremely talented, you can puree

these vegetables or at a minimum chop them up fine and add them to your dishes

without the "children"/picky eaters even knowing.  Yum Yum.



Essential Vegetables:  Onions - Used in our Salad Recipes, Great Sautéed with Peppers, Bruscheta.

                                       Peppers - Yellow, Red, & Orange add great color and are sweeter than Green.

                                       Celery - Stir-Fry, Soups, Mussels, DIps, Salads

                                       Tomatoes - Bruscheta, Salads, Sandwiches

                                       Carrots - Soups, Stir-Fry, Dips, Salads  

                                       Romaine lettuce - decorate an appetizer platter, fun Lettuce Wraps, Salads                                        

                                       Garlic (Optional) - Sebastiano Italian Garlic Mix can be substituted for fresh,

                                                                      but Chef Sebastiano likes to add this for extra robust flavor.


Vegetable of the Week:  Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Asparagus, Beans, Corn, Zucchini.  Choose one or two each week, make mom proud.  Remember to puree, if necessary, for successful consumption of picky eaters!

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