Love Those Starches!!!

Unless you're on a diet prohibiting these, have them always available and enjoy life.


Pasta:  There's plenty to choose from on the market.  Everyone has a favorite.  No

             recommendations here.  It's all up to you.  An easy trick for entertaining with

             Pasta is to cook it ahead al dante (cooked but still firm) and then dip it inboiling

             water for 30 seconds right before serving.  More about that in the Recipe Section.


Potatoes:  Baked, Fried, Mashed or Roasted.  We love them all.  Sebastiano Mixes will 

                  make any kind of potato taste better.  See Recipes.


Rice:  Again, there's plenty on the market to choose from, take your pick. Plain White 

           Rice is very versatile when you learn how to add things to it to make it different.

           You can sprinkle any of Sebastiano's Mixes to taste for a nice flavor or even add

           Sebastiano's Homemade Salad Dressing.  In other words, Sebastiano Mix, Olive

           Oil and Vinegar.  It's surprisingly good.


Bread Bread and More Bread -- Italian Loaf, Baguettes, any crusty bread, Pillsbury

           Dough.  We love them all.  Having a good bread on hand is essential for a quick

           appetizer platter and completes every meal.  Keep a few crusty loafs in the

           freezer.   Check our Recipes on how to make easy Seasoned Gourmet Breads. The picture

           to the right is Sebastiano's infamous Garlic Bread. 

Low Sodium Seasoning, Italian, Gluten Free Diet