Low Sodium, Shrimp, Gluten Free Appetizers, Italian

Spicy Sicilian or Curry Dip


1/2 Cup Mayo

1/2 Cup Sour Cream

4 Tbsp Spicy Sicilian or Venetian Curry Seasoning*

2 Tbsp Oil

2 Tbsp Orange Marmalade**


Combine all the ingredients and chill.

Can be used as a DIp for Vegetables, Seafood, Crackers, Bread, or Spread for Hamburgers, Grilled Chicken and other sandwiches.  

Try spreading a little on a stalk of celery.


*Choice of Sebastiano Flavor is yours.


**Orange Marmalade is Optional, 

but the Marmalade gives this dip a sweet taste

when first eating and then the Spicy and Curry Seasoning 

gives you with a little bite at the end. 


If you prefer a more spicy flavor, omit the Marmalade entirely.

Other Marmalades can be substituted. 

Be creative and use what you have in your refrigerator.