Throw out any Spice in your cupboard that you have had for over a year.  Unsure? 

Standard Rule:  If you can't remember if you've used it lately, time to toss.


Why you should restock with Sebastiano Mixes:


Versatility:  Can be used numerous ways as a Coating, 

                     Dry Rub and a Seasoning.

                     Excellent for all Meats, Seafood, Vegetables,

                     Soups, Eggs, Gravy, Bread, Dips.


Healthy:  Low-Sodium, No MSG, Low Calorie

                4 Flavors are Gluten Free


Cost Effective:  Every bottle has several spices, a "Recipe in a Bottle" 

                           so you can save money by just buying one

                           bottle instead of several ingredients which also saves

                           on cupboard space.


Current Flavors:  Italian Garlic, Tuscan Rosemary, Spicy Sicilian                   

Gluten Free Flavors:  Florentine Onion, Venetian Curry, Complete Italian, Garlic Lovers


We also recommend Salt and Pepper, if your diet allows, and any other spice that you use often.


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