Chicken Base:  Most of our recipes include this.  If you are desiring low-sodium or no sodium, use the appropriate canned Chicken Broth for your dietary needs as a substitution for the Chicken Base and Water in the recipe.


Food Processor:  This is helpful to save time.  Unless you are wanting chunky vegetables like in the Chicken Vegetable soup, running your carrots, onions, celery, etc. through the food processor is fine.  Be sure not to puree them, though.


Blender:  Several of our recipes call to puree the soup.  This is a good trick to get children to eat their vegetables and the soups are yummy with toasted bread or favorite crackers.


Season To Taste:  Often our recipes will say "2-3 tsp".  We do this as a guide for you.  Start with the smaller amount and taste your way into the dish.  People have different taste buds and one of the secrets to being a good cook is to taste your food before it arrives at the table.  Add enough seasoning to satisfy your palette.


Spruce Up any Can of Soup: Adding 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Oil and 2 Tbsp of White Wine to a can of soup and bringing it to a boil for 2-3 minutes will make it taste more homemade.  Then, sprinkle your favorite Sebastiano's Mix for added flavor.


Our recipes give you a guide to easy flavorful cooking.  

The Sebastiano Way of Cooking uses the same ingredients over and over in different ways.

That is why Chef Sebastiano says, "If you have a properly stocked pantryStock your Pantry and

you will be prepared at a moment's notice to make something delicious. 

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