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Ground Beef or Turkey Loaf, It's all in the Presentation!I

Wanted to share this post again because I love it so much. If you haven't tried it yet, please do - it is excellent.

To prepare any meat loaf use approx one pound of ground extra lean ground turkey or beef .

Add one or two eggs. A handful of chopped parsley. A healthy pinch of sea salt (unless Ur into low salt) Four to five healthy tablespoons of Ur choice of Sebastiano's Seasoning.

I like the Italian Garlic!!! them again if U like spicy Use the spicy Sicilian the more seasoning the spicier Yum Yum!!!

Now, here's where U can get creative. Sometimes I like to take cooked Zucchini (about two handfuls with our seasoning of choice mixed in it) Squeeze it a few times, don't make it mushy, just break it up and mix in with Ur meat mixture. It's truly gourmet and looks a nice, nice!

Use the photo below as an example make a brick turkey or meat loaf out of your creation.

Meat and Turkey Loafs Ready for the oven

Oil the pan and bake at 375 maybe 20 minutes.

The rest is in the presentation remember make it look nice and all will feel special!! Ciao Amici!!!

Meat Loaf and Salad no need for Gravy excellent as is!!!

Turkey Loaf stuffed with Sauteed Zucchini over sauteed Escarole, Oh boy!!!

Meat or turkey Loaf topped with a little Fagioli Soup.

It's healthy and so very tasty and looks nice nice!!!

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