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Best New Rub for Grilling

Well here we go again in our search for old world culinary excellence. Sebastiano's has a new Gourmet Seasoning Mix flavor,Complete Italian, that is the very best product out there in tuti Quanti land (everybody land in Italian) for grilling!!! When I was a small boy and had only been in this country a short time, I knew nothing about food only vegetables, pasta, Italian sausage, and fried eggs. (Beef was too expensive and not readily available in Sicilia's small country community. They kept what few cows were available for milk.) My dessert was a piece of bread dampened with water and sprinkled with a little sugar. That's right, we were a majority of the poor. That is why Dad and Mom came to this country, so they could bust their ass working and give us what they could not have in the old country. Anyway, my parents had friends from all parts of Italy, all hard workers. Once a month they would all get together at Mr Calio's farm who provided picnic tables, bocci courts, and grills. They made enough to cook and eat the very best of everything and they loved to grill steaks using old world seasonings, Whether dry or marinated, what exquisite tastes for such humble people!!! Since my dad was popular and his band provided their entertainment (he was an excellent mandolin player), they all fed me like I was the prodigal cute son as I went around from table to table Oh Mama, what food!!! Little did they know that I also went to the table that had the prettiest daughters or mothers. Believe me I spent as much time under the picnic table as I did eating. U know the signoras would drop things and I would pick them up. I think they did it on purpose, because I had a straight shot at their como si giama when I was down there! Oh well, what memories!!! I think the food made me horny; because after I came up, I ran into the woods for some relief. Once again, I get carried away. The taste of the steaks that they grilled always stayed with me and I finally decided to recreate the flavor as close as possible to my youthful early days!!! So, that is the inspiration behind Sebastiano's Complete Italian. Old World Flavor meeting Modern Day Healthy Standards: Gluten-free, Low Sodium, & No MSG!!! Oh Mama!

Let's start, Ok? Unless ur into low sodium. I like to tenderize my meats with a little Sea or Kosher Salt. Sprinkle the salt lightly on both sides. Then, I sprinkle healthy on both sides with Sebastiano's Complete Italian Mix and rub it a little into the meat. It will look nice, nice! Then, I pour a little olive oil in a saucer and lightly dab my finger tips in the oil and moisten the meat lightly on both sides. U can grill right away or I like to allow it to marinate at least a half hour to an hour, not too long. It's not necessary, unless it's a tough piece of meat. If tough, then U can let it sit for a few hours in the fridge. Make sure Ur grill is nice and hot do not cover Ur meat when grilling. I like a nice high flame and don't toss it around to much make it nice and seared!!! Once off the grill, allow the meat to sit a few minutes, about five minutes. Then serve and U will have the very best grilled meats ever.

To complete our dinner, I always add a great vinaigrette Italian salad, sauteed garlic Spinach and a nice American baked potato!!! If my wife in the mood, we pour a nice glass of Vino!!! I want to take this opportunity, with my wife's permission to send a nice thank U to all the lovely women that thrilled and fed me with so much Gusta at the Calio Farm in Cleveland Ohio!!! Gracie Amici!!! Ciao.

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