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Diet Secrets that work from Chef Sebastiano

Hello friends. Let's get to the truth. U look in the mirror and realize u are fifty pounds over weight. It's not a good day. (Sound familiar? Marie Osmond and her Nutrisystem Commercial.) Marie! Forget Nutrisystem - come on over to our side.

Here's Sebastiano's secret to losing weight.:

Cut the Carbs

Drink Warm Lemon Juice

Use Sebastiano's Seasoning on Everything

That's it. We say use Sebastiano's Seasonings, because when you are dieting, you want your food to taste good and be satisfying. We use our seasoning every day on whatever we are cooking and me and my wife both lost weight. Here's my story.

I looked in the mirror and saw about 35 pounds that had to go. The doctor from the VA had put me on cholesterol pills about a year earlier. It was not a good image of myself and letting myself go like that was not like me. My tummy was getting in my way. My pants could hardly squeeze into a thirty-six waist, and I have some nice pants and I like to wear them around my waist, not below my belly. I could hardly put on my socks. I had to lay on the bed and role on my back for that awkward feat, forget about my wife's snickering. Anyway, I asked the doctor why my cholesterol was now so high from where it had typically been. I told her I eat well, maybe to well. She said, "When U first visited me, you were thirty five pounds of slim and trim U eat too much. U want off the pills lose wieght."

Around the same time, I was having lunch with a good friend of mine, Grand Master Fred Vallari. He shared with me the benefits of luke warm Lemon Water. And so I began my simple Diet Plan.

Number 1: Cut the carbs. You'll lose 5 lbs in a week, just by doing that.

Cutting the Carbs of any kind for first two months is key for any diet.

Meaning no potatoes, breads of any kind, pasta, corn, popcorn etc. Hey, I don't mean cut the wine, though. Capice.

U can enter some beans to ur menu, not a problem. They are good carbs

But, no carbonated drinks of any kind, no diet drinks of any kind, and no sugar or sugar substitute of any kind. Sugar is carbs.

Eat ur fill of any meat, beef, pork, chicken, fish, canned tuna, sardines whatever ur gourmet palette desires. Have small meals throught out the day, if possible, and save the larger consumption of ur favorite delight later on. It's ok!!! Worked for me.

Number 2: Start every day with a glass of luke warm water and the equivalent of a half or full fresh lemon squeezed. I Use the Real lemon juice in a bottle. I have a glass in the am , then another about noon, and again around three, before my meals. Sometimes, I even have a glass prior to bedtime.

By the way, I still had at least three glasses of red or white wine through out this period and I lost twenty-five pounds the first sixty days. You can, too.

Number 3: Here's the fun part. Enjoy what you are eating and make it taste extra delicious with Sebastiano's Seasoning. Don't suffer through bland meals. You won't stay on your diet, that's the truth.

So that's my secret. If you're wanting to shed a few pounds, give it a try. Buon appetito!

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