Italian Garlic, 7.0 net oz
  • Italian Garlic, 7.0 net oz

    LOW SODIUM ITALIAN GARLIC is a favorite to make a nice crispy coating for all of your Cutlets (i.e. Eggplant, Chicken, Veal, Pork, or Fish), as a Seasoning for a Turkey or Beef Burger,try it as a Dry Rub or Coating for a Steak, or Seasoning for Pasta (Aglio e olio).  Great for Kale Chips, too. Options are endless. Check out our Easy Recipes.
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      A complete low sodium mix made up of Breadcrumb, Romano Cheese, and a multitude of Spices. Perfect as a Coating, Dry Rub, or Multi-Purpose Seasoning. Just sprinkle taste at the end of any cooking process when you need a little extra flavor.