Oil, Vinegar, and Wine


Recommended Oil: Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salads and dips.  Pomace Olive Oil for sautéing.  


                Pomace Olive Oil is less expensive than Extra Virgin and is made from the second

                press of the olive.  It doesn't burn as easily as Extra Virgin; and is therefore, a better

                choice when sautéing.   It has a light olive flavor.


Vinegar: Balsamic, White Balsamic, Wine, Champagne, Rice.  


               There are wonderful fruit and seasoned flavored Vinegars, i.e. Fig, Pear, Raspberry.

               Watch for sugar and sodium content, though, if you are on a restricted diet.


               We recommend you have 1 or 2 Vinegars in your pantry and use them

               for salad dressings, stir frys and dipping oils.  


               You can make your own Salad Dressing with Sebastiano's Mixes.  



Wine:  White and/or Red


            Buy an inexpensive wine for cooking.  You typically add it in the beginning of your 

            cooking process and as it cooks off it adds sweetness to your dishes and does not 

            have an alcohol taste.  White Wine will keep your sauces light colored.  Red Wine will, 

            of course, darken them.  If you only want 1 in your pantry, we recommend White Wine. 



Low Sodium Seasoning, Gluten Free Coatings