Grilled Meats



Sebastiano Burger

(Beef or Turkey)

Pork Chops, Lamb, Steaks & More!!!

Rub the piece of meat on both sides with oil then sprinkle and rub in the Sebastiano Mix of your choice. 



Sear each side of the meat on the grill and cook to desired temperature.  

Try to only flip the meat once to avoid losing the coating on the grill for a delicious crusty finish.

We recommend Italian Garlic, Spicy Sicilian or Tuscan Rosemary Mixes. Thoroughly mix 2-3 tsp (according to taste) of Sebastiano's Seasonings with 4 oz ground meat and form into a patty.  


It is always best to combine the meat and seasoning first, pan fry a little piece to taste if there is enough seasoning. Adjust if necessary and then grill to desired doneness. 


Check out our Baked Section for easy delicious Meatballs and Meatloaf ideas.

Add a variety of sauteed vegetables to your entree for the final touch:  

i.e. Peppers, Onions, Escarole, Spinach, Mushrooms, Black Beans.