Sebastiano's Gourmet Foods


In December 2010, Chef Sebastiano & his wife, Linda, founded a company with a mission to provide versatile Seasoning Mixes that could be used to create delicious gourmet meals with ease and perfection, regardless of one's Culinary expertise.  Sebastian's Sicilian heritage combined with his extensive Culinary Career inspired these extraordinary Seasoning Mixes that can simplify your life in the kitchen and offer your family a dining pleasure every evening. The Mixes can be used with any cooking method (Grilling, Sauteing, Baking, Broiling) and on any type of food (Meats, Poultry, Seafood, Vegetables).  




The picture to the right is Chef Sebastiano's Grandmother outside her home in Sicily, and is on the Sebastiano's label as a symbol of Authentic Old World Flavor.  Be Italian. Love food, eat well with your family and friends, and you'll have a lifetime of savory memories as a reward.

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Linda Fazio's Motto: Owning your own business is rewarding, but it helps to keep humor in your heart as you face inevitable challenges along the way.   It takes vision to begin, passion to continue, and courage to view it all with objective perspective. End each day with a Prayer of Gratitude and, at a minimum, a glass of wine.